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The Beginning

Jané was born in 1932 in Barcelona, Spain, and boasts over 75 years of experience in the stroller and nursery industry, having been the industry leader in the Spain for many years. Manuel Jané Vidal proudly created a stroller for his newborn son, Ramon. It caused admiration among friends and neighbors, who in turn encouraged him to build strollers which folded up making them far more convenient. He took his creations to one of Barcelona’s leading department stores and the first orders came rolling in just one week later. Jané began to manufacture folding strollers and continued to produce innovative designs for years.

Jané’s Philosophy

Children’s safety is paramount and when researching and developing new products, Jané aims to exceed industry regulations. Jané’s design and technology innovations ensure that all products are designed for babies’ health as well as safety. The company is committed to developing revolutionary products which are protected by patents to produce superior stroller and car seat equipment that outperforms the competition.

The strength of JANÉ as a brand is based in two distinguishing values. Firstly, the brand’s commitment to solidarity is backed by our history, our continuous investment in research and community service which is proven by our studies on child passenger safety with RACC, our education programs as well as our agreement with UNICEF. The second is the fact that our product range is based on continuous research and product development. Our product philosophy has remained constant; to offer the best, most distinctive and unique products while ensuring that they have been carefully developed in order to give the best performance possible. We also strive to pass along advantages to our customers by offering them, and most especially, their children, special features and characteristics which can’t be found in products from other brands.

A number of products and brands with wide distribution have appeared on the market lately, products strongly based on trends and style, designed for short-term use. These products don’t last and the customer eventually comes to realize what is truly behind this type of business, the company’s lack of vision for the future and a serious commitment to research within the world of infants. Jané’s strategy has always been the polar opposite to this type of frivolity. The company was founded in 1932 and our philosophy is to perpetuate and strengthen as a business. That Jané is a leader in babycare is unquestionable. Our ability to communicate, our sense of responsibility and our unflagging implication makes our obligation to society a completely natural one. That is what makes us different, original and absolutely authentic.

Jané Crash Test Research Centre

Jané opened its own child-safety research and development center in 2003. It is only one of a few testing laboratories in the world and currently boasts some of the most advanced technology. The laboratory enables child safety products to be designed, subjecting them to tests even stricter than those currently required by the regulations, and testing them as many times as necessary. Once approved by Jané engineers, they are independently tested again by the TNO Automotive Laboratories and INIADA which are responsible for the strictest accreditation system in Europe, ECE-R44/03. Jané conducts tests at high speeds according to the EURO-NCAP test protocol which is higher than the legally required safety standards.

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